Re:6 Month Evaluation
XXX, 6 May 1994 00:24:06 -0400 (EDT)

Personal Success...
I'd have to say yes, as I carry it all day long while I'm at work, and could really use two null-modem cables (soon). The first few weeks its a case of making myself use it, after that it became natural.
I do find myself using a lot of the apps, but the HWR seems to have taken a back-seat to Power-Ink(r).
What I'd like to see is a mini-docking station while I'm at my desk at work, so I can pop the Zoomer in it, take a load off the batteried, and allow the Serial port to plug into the PC for some sort of direct keyboard manipulation of the Zoomer's information (instead of PalmConnecting data back and forth). (and maybe a PC-Card Lan connector?)

I like it, it's sort of the VW's of PDA's..