XXX, 24 Feb 1994 21:57:01 -0400 (EDT)

I agree that PalmConnect is overpriced, but what are you going to do? (and they know it!). PalmConnect IS a good program, and it works great, but think of what you can get for a PC at $129.
As far as pricing, I was in a local dept. store that usually has fairly low pricing & saw one of those Sharp organizers that has limited pen ability, and it was priced in the mid $500 range. Based on ads read on the unit, the Zoomer has tons more capability, and is in the same (price) range.
I have used organizers (mostly BOSSs) for years, and after 4 months of my Zoomer, I wouldn't trade it in for anything.
It is the closest thing to a PC for your pocket I've ever seen, and has great possibilities as well, if just someone who can program would write more stuff! The number of Newton applications in the file base grows every day, and you have to scroll quite a bit even to see a Zoomer item.