Re:Wmm Q's
XXX, 24 Feb 1994 07:51:48 -0400 (EDT)

"About 1/3 equals one 11" page." I.e., the maximum capacity of a note of ink is about 30 vertical inches?

"As for the HWR, I think the template is more to train the user as the library is hardwired." Hmm, here's the exact quote from the review:

"PalmPrint doesn't use a comparison dictionary to handle translation of characters. Instead, PalmPrint works with a selection of hundreds of handwriting sample templates. Each template is extremely small and represents an individual character. Users can run their own samples through this template engine to increase the accuracy of Zoomer for their own use."

Is this just wrong, or was the feature omitted from Zoomer, or what?

Thanks for the answers.

-- wmm