Re:More Qs from Prospective Owne
XXX, 23 Feb 1994 21:36:04 -0400 (EDT)

Whoops, sorry, a couple more questions occurred to me since I posted.

1) How does usage of the serial port affect the battery life? On palmtop computers with which I am familiar, you can reduce the effective life by almost an order of magnitude by using the serial port.

2) I understood that you couldn't train the HWR in the Zoomer, but that understanding appeared to be contradicted by something in the review I found in the archives here; it mentioned something about a "template engine" in PalmPrint through which users can run their own samples to increase their accuracy. That sounds a lot like training to me. Is this a feature that was dropped, was the review wrong, or what?

3) People have complained about the Zoomer discarding the final paragraph of a note when the capacity is exceeded. Just what is the capacity of a note full of ink?

4) Is there a way to do drawings larger than 320x256 (with scrollbars or whatever) or is that the limit?

Thanks again.

-- wmm