XXX, 22 Feb 1994 20:41:39 -0400 (EDT)

On the software issue, have any developers looked at the downloads Zoomer users have made? They are downloading ANYTHING they can get their hands on. Simple notebook files are being taken because it's the only thing available. People are investing 2 hours of their time to download FormFactor, for a demo. Zoomer users are screaming for applications. How about a spreadsheet? It wouldn't have to be a full Windows application...most people have PalmConnect (or some other program with which to transfer files to the Zoomer). Just a spreadsheet for the Zoomer which would save (or transform) files to Lotus format would be the nuts. And I'm sure a well priced application such as that would sell. So have multiple requests been made for basic programs like a term. and database. Where are you developers?