Re:Form Factor Problems
XXX, 16 Feb 1994 20:20:04 -0400 (EDT)


If you are using any of the AOL program I assume they are all the same from the menu bar go into the one that says Members and from there select preferences and you should see one that says downloads. Just click the automatic decompression off, but it should not really make a difference at all as it is a self extracting file. Make sure you use the keyword CREDIT to get credit for the time you have lost. I might suggest that you try the download about midnight and let it run while you sleep and set automatic disconnect when finished.

If you are using a PC you may also want to run chkdsk /f from the DOS prompt to make sure you do not have any disk errors.

Let us know what happens.

Jeff Zorn (PDA Jeff)
PDA Forum Assistant Leader
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