Transfer Questions (PalmConnect)
XXX, 22 Jan 1994 01:02:47 -0400 (EDT)


I have a question concerning transferring information from a PC (IBM) to my Zoomer.
- Is there a text reader for the Zoomer that will allow you to read regular text files? I know that there is one under AOL, but it is very limited and will not read even what appears to be the smallest of files

- Using PalmConnect, how exactly do you transfer files from a
SunDisk 1.8M card to your PC? On the Zoomer, the SunDisk comes up as another drive, however, (at least on mine) the SunDisk does not show up under PalmConnect. The only workaround that I can find is to move files from the SunDisk to the main Zoomer area, then use PalmConnect to move them to the PC. This is not convenient and worse, it limits you to the amount of available memory in the main area.

Any ideas?