New Year's Bug!
XXX, 3 Jan 1994 15:54:08 -0400 (EDT)

First, the moral of the story: Always test scheduling software by rolling over the year!

I powered up my Zoomer at 10:10 AM on January 1, only to have it start popping up appointment notices every two minutes! I'd clear them out, and two minutes later, they'd appear again, complete with alarm tones.

The two events in question were repeating alarms, set to repeat on the first and second Wednesday of the month, repectively. They were created on or before the first and second Wednesday of December, and show correctly repeated on my calendar throughout 1994.

Now the weird part: when the alarm popup appears, it claims the event it is signaling is occuring on 6/10/93 (for the first Wednesday event) and 7/3/93 (for the second Wednesday event)!

There is a little background task that the Zoomer runs to track alarms. Clearly, this task lost its mind when the year rolled over. I was able to stop the problem by soft-resetting the Zoomer.

Unfortunately, the problem also exists in PalmConnect! Every time I start PalmConnect to up/download, I get start getting alarm popups! How do I soft-reset PalmConnect?

Chuck Musciano