Re: Curious...

David Virga (
Thu, 26 Jun 97 13:11:32 mst

Jacqueline Curry <> wrote:


>I wonder-are there any 'Write-Rights' for the OmniGo? WriteRights are
>the protective film that goes on the screen of pda's and palmtops. Is
>the screen on the OGO scratch proof?

The OmniGo screen is far from scratch-proof! Furthermore, the stylus that comes
with the OmniGo can become scratched or otherwise damaged, and can scratch the
screen. So, be careful with your stylus, and pay close attention to its "feel"
on the screen; if it feels scratchy when you're writing, you're probably
scratching your screen.

There is a company called Concept Kitchen (San Francisco, CA) that makes screen
savers for a number of PDAs, including the OmniGo. They charge about $24 for a
dozen protectors. I think their lifespan is about a month each, but I
personally have never used them. Their phone number is 415/929-1102, and e-mail
is Info@ConceptKitchen.Com.

I have devised a disposable (and much more cost effective but labor-intensive)
screen protector made from printer transparency sheet, and I posted a note about
this back in April. I'll go ahead and re-post it.