Jon Frisby (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 19:13:36 -0700

I have recently gotten need of several new programs (which I didn't
need before):
-An extensible English/Japanese dictionary with search features (NOT
Bindery!) and support for extended information such as culturual
notes on word/phrase meaning and usage.
-A Java VM (preferably JIT compiler)
-A card database for Magic: The Gathering cards that supports the
following fields:
=Card name
=Card color (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Gold, Artifact)
=Card type (Summon [x], Enchant [x], Enchantment, Artifact, Artifact
Creature, Instant, Interrupt, Sorcery)
=Card rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, including numeric levels of
rarity on each...)
=Casting cost (EG: 2BB, 1G, xR, xxR, etc... Preferrably with
symbolics rather than letters...)
=Card series (Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, 5th Ed, Arabian
Nights, Legends, The Dark, Antiquities, Alliances, Visions, etc...
There's a BUNCH of them now... :>)
=Quantity (so I can tell how many I have...)
This would need to support some sort of compression, as I'd rather
not waste an ENTIRE RAM card on the database
-A Kana enabled text editor/font (Kanji not needed... Just
Hiragana/Katakana fonts)... Allow me to enter in Roomaji and convert
to Kana...

Have fun!


Date: Tuesday, June 24, 1997 12:04 PM
Subject: [REPOST] OGO WISH LIST 1997

>* Omnigo 100+ Wish List Survey *
>Books Dictionary & Encyclopedia
>Books Language Dictionaries
>Books Allow linking for spell checking & thesaurus
>Books Dictionary, Thesaurus
>Books English - Spanish Dictionary
>Books Better document for using PCMCIA Modems
>Books City guides in Book Reader form
>Books Greek, Serbian, and Cyrillic languages support
>Drivers Support for Iomega ZIP drive
>Drivers Support for CD-Rom drives
>Drivers Support for Digital Cameras
>Drivers PCMCIA SCSI Zip Drive Controller
>Drivers An EtherNet & PPP driver
>Drivers Drivers for PCMCIA cards (modems, ...)
>[ FONTS ]
>Fonts A small font for 80 columns on screen usage
>[ GAMES ]
>Games Chess (*)
>Games Tetris
>Games Nibbles or Tron
>Games Poker, other card games
>Games Bridge
>MMedia Text to speech? Link to language dictionaries?
>MMedia Wav Files Player
>MMedia Alarm program w/ wav support
>Programs Unix Fortune Program
>Programs A POP3 and SMTP compliant e-mail program (*)
>Programs A mini-EMACS - for editing HTML, Java, & C code
>Programs An HTML 3.2 compliant web browser plus FTP
>Programs A Genealogy Program ( Viewer and/or Editor)
>Programs E-Mail Software for OG
>Programs Better Word Processor
>Programs Spelling Ace applet w/ Graffiti system support
>Programs NTP protocol (or similar)
>Programs Better time zone synchronization (date & time)
>Programs Microsoft's Outlook sync software
>Programs Word Processor
>Programs Mathemathical program, like Derive
>Programs Paint program like Windows Paint
>Programs Communication programs
>Programs N. Fielder's Text Editor to access all directories
>Programs Genealogy Data-base program
>Programs IP Protocol Suite (E.G PPP SLIP support)
>Programs WWW browser
>Programs Schedule Clients (Exchange, Notes etc.)
>Programs SMS software for connecting to GSM phones
>Programs A sample program w/ source for the card library
>Programs Terminal and modem hookup software
>Programs Import a ascii delimited database to OG db file
>Programs Base conversions (octal/ hex/ dec)
>Programs More scientific calculations
>Publ A book explaining technical specs on OG
>Publ Brochure of present programs.
>Utilities Emulator for HP48g/gx software
>Utilities Rexx-like batch programming
>Utilities Telnet(X - Window emulator ?)
>Utilities Gopher (graphical ftp)
>Utilities Java for GEOS ?
>Utilities MathCad Lite w/pen input
>Utilities Clip-N-Go for Mac
>Utilities File translation to EXCEL & WORD
>Utilities Internet connectivity
>Utilities File converters (Notepad & Database files)
>Utilities Java Interpreter for programming
>(*) - Indicates a project is being work on.
>- This survey were held from May 25 to June 7, 1997.
>- None of these wishes is from me, this list were compile on behalf
of the
>Participant's involvement & input provided. I had to omit all
>concerning hardware wishes, "sorry".
>- I would like to give thanks to all the Participant's & OmniGo 100+
>- This survey were manage using a NewFile database.
>- This list is by no means - "Complete".
>Best Regards,
>Byron Collins
>Kentucky, USA
>Team GEOS member
>GSMN Region #4