New Deal/Ensemble

Dijken van D.C. (
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 16:13:39 +0200

Hello Group,
Has someone experienced working New Deal with a OGO 100.
I'm searching for a program to add, on my OGO made, spreadsheets
at my desktop. Afterwards I want to transfer them back to my ogo.
Does someone knows or this is possible.
I was advised to try out the old version called ensemble 2.1, followed
by geoworks 2.5 both discontinued it seemes.
Is there someone willing to send me an attached emailed version of one off
these old products to try out thisone working with my OGO before
selling the new NEW DEAL 7.0.
Is ND7.0 really the better working version of Ensemble 2.1
Look forward to reactions
Thanks in advance