David Shepherd (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 10:13:14 +0100

On Jun 16, 2:01pm, Jake wrote:
> Subject: Re: OGO WISH LIST 1997
> [ FONTS ]
> Fonts A small font for 80 columns on screen usage
> Don't think it can be done. There isnt enough pixles or whatever. But
> would be nice is a 40 column screen driver so you could run some older
> programs normaly, could also use some hp95lx programs as well.

40 column would be the limit for the OGO.

Remember that you have to display an 'm' - this must take up at least 5 pixels
(3 stems and 2 gaps) + another pixel to seperate it from the next char - i.e.
a character cell of 6 pixels. The OGO display is (IIRC) 240x240 so you can
only get 40 characters across in this minimum font.

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