RE: Breaking wires

Hinman, Jeffrey M (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 08:13:26 -0700

Hi Shannan.

I have had an Ogo now for 16 months. I have not had a problem with wire
connections in the hinge. I have taken the base unit of the Ogo apart
several times and have a working knowledge of the wiring setup. It is
very similar to HP's other folding devices, such as the 28s. I still
use my 28s, and it is going on 8 years old. The design of the wiring
ribbon is very good and limits its fatigue due to cyclic folding and
unfolding. Although I have had a problem with the hinge itself
developing fatigue cracks due folding. I would suggest being careful
and if possible, limit the folding of the small hinge by opening the Ogo
only with movement from the large hinge (if you have to open it all the
way, i.e. back to back, then you will also have to use the small hinge).

Hope that helps.

Jeff Hinman

>From: Shannan Wuttke[]
>Sent: Monday, June 16, 1997 5:02 AM
>Subject: Breaking wires
>Here's a question for those who've had their ogo a while.
>I have a handheld LCD TV with a flip-up screen. After about 3 years of mild
>use some wires in the hinge connecting the screen have brocken rendering the
>TV useless.
>I was wondering if the ogo is suseptible to such a thing. After all, I open
>and close my ogo several times a day, and this soon adds up to a lot of
>bending over the years.
>Has anyone experienced this?
>Just wondering, that's all, Thanks