Quick Comparison

Martin P Speckhardt (mspeckhardt@attmail.com)
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 10:06:59 +0000


I got a chance to play with one of the new Wince machines this weekend and
compared it to my Omnigo. The Wince did not compare well. I am basically
happy with the pim functions on the Omnigo and saw no advantage in the Wince.
I do not have a good use for the linking to the PC (but could do the same with
my Omnigo using a copy of Intellisync that I have from my Zoomer days). The
Wince has no database (which I make good use of). I convert the databases
back to pc format using Michael Halleen's GDBIO (I am comfortable with the dos
version even with win95 on my pc).

After playing with pocket word I find no benefit to it opposed to using a text
editor on the Omnigo. The Wince has no spell checking and only little special
formatting. It does not even allow for printing (I heard that the HP320 is
supposed to allow printing). To get a printout you have to bring your
document into word and format/spell check it then print. I do that currently
out of a basic text file (no gain or loss in functionality here). The
advantage to the Omnigo is that it does allow printing. To date I have not
been able to get GeoWrite (Geos word processor) to run on the Omnigo (Any help
from anyone who has would be appreciated I have attempted to follow the
instructions I have gotten on this list, but still have failed (a geos.ini
file might be helpful)). I have however gotten GeoDraw (Geos drawing program
- I have a few copies of Geoworks 2.0 and 2.1 from a past project) to run. It
allows me to format text and spell check. I have created a template that has
the company letter head and other things on it and I just past text from a
text editor spell check and print. By adding some of the geos fonts I get
really nice output (though the Draw program limits me to 2 pages) directly to
a printer. Over all Document publishing capability goes to the Omnigo.

I have gotten by to date with the included spread sheet program included with
the Omnigo. I have not had one that did not fit within the size requirements.
We (company) use a standard Excel spreadsheet to report our expenses when
traveling or other. I was able to import the spreadsheet into GeoCalc (Geos
spreadsheet program) and format it to be almost exactly the same as the Excel
(I chose a slightly bigger Font to make it easier to read). I now can use my
Omnigo to track expenses. I can even print the output from my Omnigo while on
the road and fax it back. Over all Spreadsheet capability even (I would like
to create a bigger spreadsheet though have not needed to).

I did not get a chance to try the communications on the Wince, but believe
would have outdone the Omnigo. I have used Net-Tamer on my Omnigo with good
results, but do not need Internet access as a priority. Interestingly my
Omnigo with a 2400 modem actually surfed faster than my laptop with a 28.8 (I
did a side by side test - there is no graphics on the Omnigo). I had some
trouble getting the email to work (never did get it resolved, but think it was
something simple). I use attmail at work and a dos version ($15 for omniswap
seems more than fair) of the program runs fine on the Omnigo (and is my
communication means). I will not rate these as I did not use the Wince and
have a strange email system that I have worked out with the Omnigo.

All around the bigger screen is nice on the Wince though it makes the size
bigger ( I like the smaller size on the Omnigo). I have a definite liking for
the Graffiti handwriting recognition. I often lay in my hammock while writing
my papers for school (or other things) which is hard to do with a keyboard.
Book Reader is a nice plus. I have purchased Bindery and have bound a few
books that keep me company while I travel (When I create my web page I will
announce were it is so people can get them). I also prefer the feel on the
Omnigo keyboard. It was smaller than the Wince's, but the click keys kept my
typing more accurate (I played with the Casio other may have better

After looking closely the Omnigo is the better buy for my requirements (other
people may come up with different results). For the price difference you can
buy New Deal and get better connectivity. Also for transferring phone
books/appointments (Word imports the notebook with a little work) you can use
GBDIO and import comma delimited files (or buy the connectivity pack or
Intellisync). It is to bad that the Omnigo appears to be discontinued. I am
no longer looking to get something else. When the new Fax/email program is
complete for the Omnigo this machine may be unbeatable.