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Peter J. Claus (
Sat, 31 May 1997 06:58:22 -0700 (PDT)


Although many have said they would not sacrifice battery life for back-lit
screen, I would like to (for what little it is worth) put in my vote for a
back-lit OPTION: a toggle icon or something. There are just TOO MANY
occasion where the faint characters on the screen are not readable under
the given ambiant lighting condition.

Peter Claus

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> Subject: Re: Ogo & New Deal!
> Hi everyone,
> Chris wrote
> << I think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Furthermore, long
> battery life would be reduced with back lighting and a faster processor,
> price would increase with a larger screen, more RAM, an external power
> supply adapter and faster processor. These are trade-offs. >>
> I agree - if the changes we would all love to see were to happen, the
> resulting price increase and reduced battery life would probably destroy it.
> I looked at the HP Windows CE machines at the London Windows 97 show in
> February and I like them very much - but the price is too high in Britain
> (#600+ for the 4mb version) and the other problems Chris mentioned,
> especially power consumption, are off-putting.
> Incidentally, the remaining stock of Omnigo 100's in the UK has been bought
> by Morgan Computers, who are currently selling them at #150+VAT. I understand
> they have quite a few, but I imagine that the price will drop as they try to
> clear them.
> Matt