Connectivity Problem Solved ! and new problem emerges!

Stephen J. Hall (
Sat, 31 May 1997 01:02:49 +0200

Dear Ogoists!

Thanks to your kind help, especially from Ken Latham (,
Stu Barton and Marc DeVinney, I have now partly solved the connectivity
problem between my ogo and the PC. I used the Interlnk.exe &
Intersvr.exe which comes bundles with MSDOS ver6.22. Its much better
than Omnicom (with all due respect to the developers of course). I've
managed to write a batch file which automates the backing up of all
files with the touch of a button. It works like a dream!. If anybody
needs the batchfile and some info, let me know and I'll send it to you.

Thanks to the above a NEW challenge emerges for me. This new challenge
is to use the standard Omnigo applications on the PC. I've been playing
around the idea of copying all the omnigo application files to my PC and
modifying the .ini's to suite the new environment. Has anyone out there
experimented with this idea before ???

Happy Omnigoing!

Stephen J. Hall