Re: Ogo & New Deal!

Corne Beerse (
Fri, 30 May 1997 10:29:34 +0200

Tom Trottier wrote:
> Great Idea! But I would suggest some -more- improvements for the OGO
> 200:
> - faster CPU, mebbe a RISC 80186 emulator, or a low power 386 or
> 486. Enough of the coffee cup!
> - Built in DOS choice for DOS apps
> - PC card pager app which shows pages, date, time, phone #
> - Auto loading of new apps from an inserted PC card
NOP! No autoloading into (too little) memmory!.
It must be possible to start this apps straight from the card! Only an
icon could be added somewhere: <cardapps> with a submenu of the apps on
the card.

> - more memory
> - PIM on the main PC should beep, etc.
asked before: what do YOU mean with PIM? I only know Personal
Information Manager which indicates the omnigo.
The callendar manager from the connectivity package should be able to
beep and flash just like the callendarmanager on the omnigo.


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