Re: Wish List

Corne Beerse (
Thu, 29 May 1997 10:44:33 +0200

stevn wrote:
> No but seriously. I would like a better word processor. The one built
> into the ogo is fine for jotting notes, what I would like is simple
> spell checking and maybee a way of storing ink so that I can write
> lecture notes with diagrams and not have to open about three seperate
> note files.
You mean translate ink to graffity text afterwards?

> Also this is probably too advanced but I would like an extension to the
> Graffiti system, mabee as part of the WP. When I use the pen to write
> text it takes a long time to write a complete word, mabee the ogo could
> suggest the closest word, grayed out theat you could accept by using
> space or you could continue and write the complete word. This would
> improve WPM greatly.
I have seen an internet page with info to create pen or keyboard
macro's. I don't know which one but I'm sure it is available.

> One more thing. Is there a shareware GEOS compiler. I would like to try
> my hand at OGO prgramming in GEOS but I cant afford to buy the full
> language package
If you have something, I like to see it as wel.
BTW, Libraries, objects and system call information is all I need. Gnu
CC can be adapted to about every processor. I'm sure the 80186 is among


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