expert mode

Pablo_Nicolas Baquero_Triana (
Mon, 19 May 1997 10:14:16 PDT

I install the expert mode in my omnigo and in the home screen appeared the
express menu,it says on it "exit to dos" i tap on it and say " you have no
keyboard connected" what that mean?

I also installed the dos.gpk and geos.gpk with the windows installer. Neither
dos nor geos icon appears in the home screen. why?

In addition i tried to install some files (*.geo)on the world directory with the
omnicom.exe. But i cannot see them on the home screen. While i was installation
some time appeared " (file):......" and some times "(file):NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN".
what is it mean? What happen?

i'd appreciated if some one can answer any of questions...

Att: Pablo Nicolas Baquero

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