Re: Hacking the INK formatof HP databases.

Marc DeVinney (
Thu, 15 May 1997 12:47:15 -0500

Is it possible that the last byte or word is a CRC or parity field?


Steve Korson wrote:
> All,
> This is for people interested in hacking/developing stuff for the
> ogo.
> I am posting this to let people who may be interested know what I
> have found about the INK formats in the HP databases (specifically
> the *.GDB files, but I would bet it works for all of them.) I have
> not completed my investigation, but want to share what I have with
> others to perhaps speed up the process.
> The INK format in the HP databases seems to be identical to that of
> the JOTTER.000 INK file from GEOS.
> Specifically, the format for GEOS INK is included at the end of this
> msg. (Note, this file can be found at the GEOWORKS site in their
> documentation section)
> I have been able to hack at a USER DEF 17 field in GDB files, which
> is where the ink data is stored for that type of database.
> I have figured out (I think) that the first two bytes forms an long int
> number of XY pairs (points.)
> *** What I haven't yet figured out is what must be included after the
> last point of data. The INK data is bit aligned, not byte, so at the
> end of the database, there is extra data. I tried to make a 'picture'
> by packing some data back into the GDB. I just set the last few bits and
> the very last byte to '0', yet I couldn't read the GDB when restored
> back to the omnigo. I also tried to set the last few bits to the
> 1000000 end string. Still didn't work.
> I have checked various simple INK pictures, yet still can't figure out
> how to end them. I have had no problem parsing them, if I just ignore
> the last data after I have calculated all the necessary points.
> If someone has time to hack at this, I wouldn't complain about any help.
> [grin]
> Regards,
> Steve
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