Thaddeus Computing (HP OGO WORLD) offer

John Ayres (
Mon, 12 May 97 10:28:00 PDT

Get it while it lasts!!!

HP OmniGo 100/120 Organizer Users... Look what $29.97 gets you!

4 info-packed issues of HP OmniGo World (over 200 pages of articles,
tips, tricks, reviews and informative ads).
PLUS! 3 Special Reports
Most Frequently Asked HP OmniGo Questions
12 Important Things Every HP OmniGo User Should Know
Undocumented Features of the HP OmniGo
PLUS! Stick'em Graffiti(R) Guides (Designed to attach to either side
of the OmniGo screen for immediate access to Graffiti symbols).
PLUS! Organizer Extras Catalog This official HP OmniGo catalog is
packed with product ideas from a host of vendors. We'll send you
the most recent issue.

Thaddeus Computing, Inc., publisher of THE HP PALMTOP PAPER, published
quarterly HP OMNIGO WORLD throughout 1996. The publication is devoted
exclusively to the Geoworks-based HP OmniGo family of computers.

Each 40-70 page issue is packed with tips about built-in software, reviews
on third party products, and profiles about how fellow users make the most
of the HP OmniGo.

MaxPak with Editors' Choice Disks: Save $40!

Get the print package above AND 4 issues of HP OmniGo World's Editors'
Choice Disks for only 59.97!

How to order the HP OmniGo MaxPak

(515) 472 6330
(800) 373 6114

In an atmosphere of dwindling OGo info and support, we must stick together!

P.S. I do not work for, nor am I being compensated in any way by the
above-mentioned supplier. I'm just an OGo devotee who thinks he
spotted a good deal...