Re: Pocket Quicken

Bill (
Fri, 9 May 97 16:03:09 -0600

Jeff Tjiputra 05/09/1997 07:32

>I just bought omnigo 100 from my friend.
>He never did get the pocket quicken.
>He give me the coupon for it, but when I call the number, the number has
>been disconnected..
>Does any of you have it and can send it to me ?
>I need it..
>Or anybody know of another way I can get it ?

I called the toll free number on the coupon and found it disconnected
too. But three days ago I called the number in Arizona listed on the
coupon (it begins with 520) and used the same extension number as the 800
number and I got through. My copy of pocket quicken just came in the mail
today. So, if you see the 520 number on your coupon, call that.
Unfortunately I threw the coupn away so I can't tell you what the number

Bill Light