Re: OmniGo 120 no longer available?

Neil Kelly (
Fri, 3 May 1996 22:22:09 -0400

> > > Check with Service Merchandise.
> > > Roy
> >
> > They've discontinued it; you may still be able to find some lurking
> > there but they won't be getting anymore of them. (Of course, this
> > you still have a Service Merchandise in your area ;)
> >
> Just mail order it! (

Be very careful with Service Merchandise's mail order on discontinued
items. I work for them; I'll give you the inside scoop - they accept the
order on the premise that they will be able to get some from somewhere. If
they have one, cool, but if not, they won't tell you it's not coming. They
simply credit your card back without letting you know. I know this because
I've had extremely irate customers in my store tell me so.

In fact, I just looked there and they alaso claim you can get an OmniGo
100. (100MXP)...and although I haven't checked recently, I think the prices
on both have dropped from the $399 (Ogo 120) or $347 (ogo 100) that SMC is
asking. I know that the floor model 120 we have in the Danbury CT store is
listed at about 260 including our standard 10%-off-for-one-of-a-kind items.
Which means it's normally 299-ish. If you really want to go the Service
MErchandise route, call them at 1-800-251-1212. That should get you a
_much_ better price. Or go in to a store near you and ask them if they can
homeship it. (SMC Jargon for "mail order from within a store on sold out

I think the webpage is outdated. ;-)