The OmniGo FAQ

Wayne Venables (
Fri, 02 May 1997 20:05:45 -0700

Hello everyone,

As the new FAQ maintainer, it is my job to create a distribute the
OmniGo FAQ. I'd really like to get a version out sometime in the next
month. But I have a few questions that need to be answered and things

Where can I purchase an OmniGo?
Where/How can I purchase OmniGo acccessories?
Where/How can I purchase FlashRAM/SRAM?
What FlashRAM/SRAM cards work in the OmniGo?
How can I print with my OmniGo?
How Can I change the system font?
Where/How can I order a serial cable?

Also, I'm interested in how people are using there OmniGo for
communication. If you use your OmniGo to send and recieve e-mail, how do
you do it? What modems work on your OmniGo? What software (DOS or GEOS)
do you use for communication?

If you use a Mac or some other computer with your OmniGo, send me your
experiences. I'm also interested in unusual hardware or software
configurations, bugs and hidden features.

If you have any interesting tid bits of information not currently in the
FAQ, I'm up for suggestions.

A semi-current version of the FAQ is available on-line at

Thank you,

Wayne Venables
OmniGo FAQ Maintainer