Re: Is my Omnigo dead?

Glen Wilson (
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 03:00:02 GMT

On Fri, 18 Apr 97 19:33:51 PDT, you wrote:

>HELP! Yesterday I turned on my o'go and nothing happened.
>The screen remained blank, even after a fresh set of batteries
>were inserted.
>Anyone have any experience of this type of behaviour? What could it be?
>and what is the safest way of getting the thing open?
Sounds like your batteries died, only way I know of it get it going
again will be fatal to your data, ie. use a piece of wire to press the
reset button (through a hole in the bottom of the case) this will
bring your Omnigo back like new with no data.=20
This will happen mainly when using nicads, the standby current of the
Omnigo flattens the batteries when it is off, and the standby battery
can't (?speculation?) provide enough current to retain the memory.=20
It could also be possible if left sitting for some time using normal
batteries. With nicads it is important to change the batteries as soon
as 2 bars is reached on the graph, it should never be turned off and
left without replacing the batteries once this occurs.
Does one of these sound like your case? Let me know how you go.
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