FW: Internet on OmniGo100

Post Master (info@artsoft.ru)
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 01:06:11 +0400

Hello from Russia!

Yes! You will see an Internet support for OmniGo from our company.
For begin we're going to offer our FAX&Mail program (MS Exchange-like =
interface, FAX sending, POP&SMTP mail protocols). It will be available
at April-May, 1997. Next - special support EXP's modems with built in =
and flash-card. And so on: Internet API, WWW, Telnet...

We're looking for the best method for distributing our software on the =
What do you think about?

Best Regards,
Oleg Chernov,

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To: ogo@lifelike.com
Subject: Internet on OmniGo100


I would like to know when will be possible to see an internet
application running on my OmniGo100. Or it will be impossible?
I heart in the comp.os.geos that somebody was developing
an internet library for geos. Anybody knows if it's true? Will
it works with OmniGo?

What about your experience with Nettamen running in the OG100?