Re: The Omnigo and WinCE - My experiences over the past 4 years

Jon Frisby (
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:09:17 -0700

> I would like to see New Deal look into releasing a PDA with New
>Deal-authored software. Such a machine would run Zoomer and OmniGo
>software but, keeping in mind the price issue, would be a beefier machine
>than the OG120. Why not put in lots of internal RAM (which is getting
>cheaper all the time) and a faster CPU? New Deal could hopefully be
>talked into it by people pointing out that, since connectivity to the
>desktop is so important, including software in the PDA that's fully
>compatible with GeoWorks Ensemble/New Deal Office 97 can only benefit
>NDO97 sales.
Spoken like a starry eyed user.

First off, New Deal doesn't have the resources to produce a piece of
hardware, or even the neccesary software for that matter. (drivers,
specific UI (Motif doesn't work well on tiny screens), and a full suite of
PIM software)

Now then, as for Zoomer and OmniGo compatibility, dream on. Zoomer
compatibility may be possible, I think all it's libraries are basic GEOS
libraries... The OmniGo however makes use of several HP proprietary
libraries, and so it's impossible for New Deal to use them in it's PDA.
License them perhaps? Maybe if New Deal had sufficient resources. Hell,
if they had the resources to make a PDA they'd probably have the resources
to license those libraries, but they don't.

> So far New Deal has only expressed interest in software development,
>but perhaps one of their new partners (such as Brother) could be sought
>for this project.
Brother, like New Deal is a partner of Geoworks. Unless I missed something
entirely, Brother and New Deal have no relationship... Just as HP and
Casio and Brother and Toshiba and Nokia have no relationships (in regards
to GEOS), but they each are partners with Geoworks.

> The marketing would be simple: express on the package that it's
>compatible with Zoomer and OmniGo software; emblazen on the packaging
Anyone who has used a Zoomer or OmniGo knows that there is little software
available, so stating that it is compatible is worthless. Those who don't
use an OG or Zoomer wont care, those who do wont care (much).

> Thoughts?
Pipe dream.

Just for the record, the vast majority of new GEOS applications aren't
going to even be for the x86.

Geoworks has released the cross-platform version of GEOS, (the Genio uses a
MIPS processor) and it looks like it has a signifigantly better chance than
any US based PDA. (The Japanese PDA market is a great deal larger than the
US market)