Re: Making Omnigo Faster

John Justin (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 11:57:35 -0700 wrote:
Adding a RAM card actually made my OmniGo turn on slower. Whenever I had
my 2MB SRAM card plugged in and I turned on the OmniGo, the screen came
on and I couldn't interact with it for about two seconds. This seems to
be a problem with the OmniGo. Others have not had this problem.

Nathan, the interaction delay problem (about 4-5 secs) that you are
experiencing when you first turn the Omnigo on isn't due to a problem
with the Omnigo, it's with the SRAM card that you're using. Only the old
Grid and Ace cards (both not available anymore), and the Epson card do
not exhibit any delay, all the other cards that are out there have the
delay. It's due to the way the card is designed (something to do with
attribute memory, and the need to scan the card for compatibility after
the unit is turned on).

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