Re: Recognizing PCMCIA modem in Ogo

Ivan Liew (
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 14:16:19 +0800

At 03:20 PM 3/31/97 -0700, KENT NORRIS WILSON wrote:
> I still get the same error. Do you think it has anything to do
>with the fact that when I reboot, I end up in dos (because I have an
>edited autoexec) and have to run the batch file "geos.bat" that removes
>omniswp and boots up geos? Heh, probably not. Any other ideas. It just
>gives me that damn error for some reason. I'm getting ... PISSED! Grr..
>maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe you forgot something? Read over
>your list again maybe... or not. Hmm. Anyone else have any ideas?

Huh? When do you get the error? You mean after it's booted and you insert
the card and turn it on? If so, that is rather strange. But you will
definitely get the error if you insert the card then reboot. Always boot,
load GEOS, turn off then load the card... Goes like this:

Reboot. Type GEOS at the DOS prompt. Wait for home screen. Turn off.
Insert card. Turn on again. Wait for Ogo to recognize that you have
inserted a card. Then run OgComm. I have used an old Megahertz 9600 modem
for this and it works fine.