Re: Spped

Max Wood (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 06:01:31 -0600


I keep about the same number of names and have experienced the problem on
occassions. The download file to OGO gets corrupted and causes the problem
you describe. I suggest you do a hard reboot -- after saving of course.
That usually clears it up for me. When you download again make sure the
data you are sending is clean and in the correct format.

Good luck.

At 10:14 AM 03/26/97 PST, you wrote:
>After down loading about 100 names and phone numbers into my ogo the update
>speed dropped drastically. When I change the view subject in the phone book
>it can take 30 seconds to display the new phone list. Any help to speed
>Name: Eric Bommer
>E-mail: (Eric Bommer)
>Time:10:14:43 AM
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