FW: Power to Go!

Hinman, Jeffrey M (Jeffrey.Hinman@pss.boeing.com)
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 14:39:34 -0800

>Hi Jon.
>I have done this. I have even made a few for a couple users. Please see:
>in the faqs section under AC Adapter. (My email address is incorrect in this
>web page)
>It still requires a person to pull out the adapter and replace the batteries
>for portability (the main reason for the Omnigo). The ultimate solution is
>an AC adapter jack built into the case of the Ogo allowing the main batteries
>to stay in the unit during AC operation.
>Jeff Hinman
>From: Jon Frisby[SMTP:logical@ix14.ix.netcom.com]
>Sent: Thursday, March 17, 1994 1:38 AM
>To: Hinman, Jeffrey M
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>Subject: RE: Power to Go!
>> I have done considerable work on an AC adapter solution for the Ogo.
>> I have taken the Ogo apart numerous times, including preparation
>> for an AC adapter jack. The problem is not where or how the jack is
>> located, but rather how you intercept the AA power leads. The power
>> leads seem to go directly to the display side, managed, and then
>> sent back to the mother board on the keyboard side via one of the
>> two black leads AND the ribbon cable.
>> If there is a way to intercept the power leads before they go to the
>> display side, any AC adapter jack or serial pin connection would
>> work.
>Why not make a connector for the AC adaptor that's in the shape of a
>pair of AA batteries (just a long tube with + and - terminals on
>either side...) so that anyone can use this w/out modifying their
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