Ogo Shareware is it not out

Philippe Dallemagne (pdallema@ensem.u-nancy.fr)
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 17:38:04 +0100

> Hi Out There!
Hi you, in here...

> I am looking for shareware or free ware communication package for my ogo
> 100.

Try out : http://www.ziplink.net/~maxm/omnigo/index.html
You will find plenty of stuff for the OGO (DOS mode, comm, progs, etc.)

> I have the com. cable but need some type of software to do backups and
> updates to my PC. I tried buying the Connectivity Pack software but no
> seems to have it any more, they all tell me that its bin discontinued.
> Can anyone help me!.

Did you try Breadbox Computers ? They have ORC (Ogo Remote Controller)
available right now. I think it's one of the greatest soft for Ogo (I have
Zoomers ;-). Then try their web site :

Good luck (I know the Ogo is a pretty machine, take care of it !)

Philippe Dallemagne
pdallema@ensem.u-nancy.fr http://www.ensem.u-nancy.fr/~pdallema
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