Re: [Fwd: Re: MS Sched, GEOCalc links?] db and asic file problems

John Hayles (
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 22:53:56 -0600

Mike, I got the 1meg NEW sram card from Reboot Electronics:

Reboot Electronics
PO Box 1065
Maywood NJ 07607
Phone 201-457-1980

Mike Mu wrote:
> where can i get a 1mb SRAM for $40?
> thanks
> --Mike
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> Subject: [Fwd: Re: MS Sched, GEOCalc links?] db and asic file problems
> With my experience the Snyc part of Link for Windows works %100 with
> NT4.0 and Schedule+ 7.0a. Note that at first I had problems but it was
> due to a less than %100 flash ram card from Magic Ram. I backed-up,
> re-intialized my Omnigo100, restored the backup, and got a 1mb SRAM
> card($40!!). Now Sync and Go works great! I am much happier.
> The games, backup, restore and snyc&go all work as wanted in NT4.0,
> however there is a problem with clip and go as Mark has pointed out.
> Also, note that with Link for Windows the import and export functions do
> not work correctly with the Omnigo database and ASCII files. A maximum
> of 5 fields can be selected for import/export no matter how many are in
> the database. This really pisses me off, I planned to use this function
> quite extensively. HP tech support verified this flaw.
> Mark Teegarden wrote:
> >
> > In our last episode, Martin Paul S <>
> > said:
> > >Can anyone tell me how well Link for Windows works with MS Schedule +
> > >(3.11 windows and 3.51 NT) ? I've heard the new software pack can work
> > >with this but in a limited way, and our office appointments are all done by
> > >Schedule+.
> >
> > It works great as long as you use Win 3.x or Win95. But NT3.51 has
> > problems. HP says that it (the software) does not support NT. I've not
> > had any experience with NT4.0 yet. I will try that out soon and post
> > results if it works.
> >
> > My experience in using this software package (HP Link to Windows) with NT3.51 is:
> > Sync N Go - Does backups and restores just fine under NT 3.51. It does
> > not do the sync with Schedule+ 7.0a (on an Exchange Server) under NT
> > 3.51 because of the security.
> > Clip N Go - It only seems to work one-way under NT. You can shovel it
> > from your desktop to the OmniGo, but the OmniGo can put it on the
> > desktop's clipboard. This is where HP's answer was "NT is not
> > supported". It is clearly documented in the book that 3.x and 95 are
> > supported and I have no problems with it in Win95.
> > HP PIM - Phonebook seems to work fine under NT3.51, but the appointment
> > book does not run.
> > --Mark Teegarden