Dealers for new PC Link to Windows, installation notes too

Mark Teegarden (
Fri, 14 Mar 97 9:19:20 EST

I did web searches for a month and sent several e-mails around. As
most folks have already verified, DPS has copies of this package (HP
Model #F1306) to sell at $99. I've gotten e-mails from EduCalc
indicating (over a month ago) that they would be getting this package
in with price set at $100. I assume they have it now (even though it's
still on their web page). I purchased mine from PDA Direct, Inc for $99.

You can get names/numbers from the PDA page at:

I believe the system requirements are:
486 or better with 8M Ram, Serial port, Win 3.1 or 3.11 or 95.
And an OGO 100 or 120. The serial cable is supplied.

Unofficially, I note that it takes about 10M of disk space. The
software will run on a 386 with 4M of RAM, but it is very slow to

During installation of the software, make sure you have a fresh set of
batteries in your OGO if you install the game pack. It takes a long time.

--Mark Teegarden Sr. Programmer Duke Medical Center Cardiology