2 Things... Database, and Pagers?

Matthew Alan Buffalow (mbuffalo@turbonet.com)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 20:01:09 -0800

Okay, I have uploaded a database from my ogo to my pc in an attempt to =
see how they are put together, and well... I can't make heads or tails =
of it. Is there anything out there for converting databases for the =
ogo? I am looking to convert a Microsoft Database (MDB) to an omnigo =
database (GDB).


Does anyone know of a pcmcia pager for the ogo? I don't want anything =
fancy like email or faxes or anything like that. I would like to know =
if there are any pagers out there that I can simply just use with a =
local pager service around where I am.

Thanks in advance. :)