MS Sched, GEOCalc links?

Martin Paul S (
Mon, 10 Mar 97 17:55:00 GMT

Can anyone tell me how well Link for Windows works with MS Schedule +
(3.11 windows and 3.51 NT) ? I've heard the new software pack can work
with this but in a limited way, and our office appointments are all done by

Secondly, anyone know of a cheap source of GEOCalc, so I can import/
export Omnigo spreadsheets, or an alternative method of doing this?

All help appreciated,


From: owner-ogo
To: ogo
Date: 04 March 1997 17:16

I just ordered an Omnigo 100 and I would like to order a modem card for it.
I have been looking at a Simple Tech
14.4 for $39. I would like to know what modem cards people have gotten to
work, what comm program you use and did you need any additional drivers to
use the modem.
Any info you have for me would be appreciated.