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Warren H. Minix (
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 17:50:38 -0500

The Express menu is one of the numerous features of the Geos operating =
system that HP felt would be dangerous in the hands of their users. My =
suspicion is that you did not deactivate the Express menu before =
removing Nathan's utility. Depending on which you are more comfortable =
with you can either reinstall the Expert utility and disable the Express =
menu or set the value for "expressOptions" to 0. The parameter lies in =
either the Geos.ini or Net.ini (or both). I believe that Nathan's =
utility tweaks Geos.ini. If you fooled with many of the options with =
the OgExpert utility some of the other values (launchLevel , etc) may =
have been altered as well. The values all reside in the uiFeatures =
section of the ini files. (These are somewhat analogous to win.ini and =
system.ini in MS-Win3.1x). Example of what mine (in Geos.ini) modified =
from standard looks like follows:
Good Luck

defaultLauncher =3D Home Screen
expressOptions =3D 1665 =
<<=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D this is the bugger
interfaceLevel =3D 4
interfaceOptions =3D 0
launchLevel =3D 3
launchModel =3D 0
launchOptions =3D 49152
docControlFSLevel =3D 2
docControlOptions =3D 11024
windowOptions =3D 2918
helpOptions =3D 0

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Subject: Expert Mode (Blue Marsh)

I tried out Expert Mode for the OmniGo (from Blue Marsh) and decided=20
that I didn't really care for it, so I decided to uninstall it. After=20
the uninstall, I still have the 'E' pulldown menu for the software, but=20
no icon for the program. What do I have to do to get rid of it? Thanks =

in advance.

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