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Warren H. Minix (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 12:33:40 -0500

I have had good results with Novus #1 "Plastic Clean and Shine", for =
over a year now. Their products are usually easiest to find at =
automotive stores. #1 is non-abrasive while #2 up are polishes. One =
word of caution when using any liquid. I trashed the touch screen on my =
original OG100 while cleaning it (I don't even remember what I was =
using) when I applied an excess. The liquid seeped under the faux cover =
and as the edges of the touchscreen layers are not sealed...

A smart man learns by his own mistakes. A wise man learns by the =
mistakes of others.

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Subject: Clean Screen

Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the OGO screen? I use a =
free cloth. Will denatured alcohol harm the screen? Is there any =
agent to use or not use?

- Max