Re: SRAM Card

John Justin (
Sat, 15 Feb 1997 07:48:40 -0800

Paul A Khoury wrote:
If anyone would like to know, I got my 1MB SRAM card for my OGO for
US$34.95 and can give anyone who would like to know through private
the number of where to get it.

Hi Paul,

Have you ever tried to access data resident on the card from a program,
or have you ever loaded software onto it and then executed the software
resident on the card. I ask these questions because some of these cards
are not fully compatible. You may be able to use them as backup for data
but you may not be able to access them dynamically. One problem that
sometimes crops up is that you can't close the card out when data is
accessed dynamically, under certain conditions. I had a problem with the
old Pre-Tech cards, but I believe they resolved the problem in the new
version of their card.

How about battery drain? I have found some cards to use 15-20% more
current, when accessed, than a premium priced card such as an ACE.

Please send me the address where I can purchase one, I would like to try
it with my program and measure the current drain. If it works with
Fitness Tracker, it will work under any conditions.

John Justin

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