New OGO conn pack / sync to SRAM card

Tim McIntyre (
Sat, 08 Feb 1997 15:46:46 -0500

I purchased the new software, and am running it successfully under
Win95. I am generally pleased with it. I was very interested in the
ability to synchronize databases, which was not available in the
previous HP conn pack, or the Intellilink. The new software can
export/import from a text file, HP100 files, dbase III/IV/V or Paradox
3.5. To import (to ogo), you must have created at least an empty
database on the ogo with the fields that you want. Then, the software
reads from the ogo and the source file, and allows you to map the fields
from the source to the target. To export, you must create a file on
the desktop which has the names of the fields. The software reads both
files and allows you to map them. I struggled with this, because the
manual is not clear as to the need for having the "empty" target file
or database.

I have sync'ed the appt book and the phone book into the HP PIM, which
is simplistic, but matches the ogo. I noticed a few quirks. When I
created an event that repeated daily, sometimes the end date was listed
as before the start date, effectively repeating the event on every
day. I solved this (so far) by completely deleting the default end
date and retyping it. Don't ask me why. Also, sometimes an event
appears in the middle of the day on the ogo. I found that by deleting
the start and end times (which were already NONE) it put the event back
at the top of the day.

I am now running all of my apps from C:\GEOWORKS\DOCUMENT, rather than
from B:\. To synchronize with the SRAM card, I used an excellent
binary file editor (hexpert.exe - shareware) to change all occurences of
B:\ to C:\. It works perfectly.

If you create a new database on the ogo, it is saved in
B:\GEOWORKS\DOCUMENT even if the MASTER.MDB is on C:\. Therefore I
have been copying the new file to C:\..\DOCUMENT and deleting it from
B:\..\DOCUMENT. To delete, you must have a copy of a file manager
resident on the B:\ drive, remove the SRAM card and delete from B:\