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Warren H. Minix (
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 00:24:09 -0500

The Geos file system mirrors the directories. They are really just =
pointers or "shortcuts" to the actual file. Geomanager (the OS's own =
file manager) identifies these with an underline. It has its =
usefullness but can be a real nuisance too.

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From: Lars Fuchs []
Sent: Friday, February 07, 1997 9:14 PM
Subject: File Managers

Well, I have figured out what I have been doing wrong, and have now
successfully migrated data files to my ATA Flash card. Using BMS' File
Manager, I moved my spreadsheet files to the card. However, after moving =
files, I noticed that the files still appeared in the =
subdirectory of main RAM. When I subsequently deleted them from the B:\
drive, they also disappeared from the E:\ drive (pcmcia card).
Eventually, I tried just leaving the file on the B-Drive in the BMS
File Manager, and deleting them instead from the Connectivity Pack. This
worked. It seems that even if the file is on the pcmcia card, it appears =
the B:\ drive directory. If I ejected the card, the files dissappeared.
I am going to keep tinkering to see if it really is necessary to =
the files using Connectivity Pack. Does anyone know why the files still
appear on B:\ after being moved to E:\?

--- Lars Fuchs