File Managers

Lars Fuchs (
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 10:14:21 +0800 (HKT)

Well, I have figured out what I have been doing wrong, and have now
successfully migrated data files to my ATA Flash card. Using BMS' File
Manager, I moved my spreadsheet files to the card. However, after moving the
files, I noticed that the files still appeared in the B:\GEOWORKS\DOCUMENT
subdirectory of main RAM. When I subsequently deleted them from the B:\
drive, they also disappeared from the E:\ drive (pcmcia card).
Eventually, I tried just leaving the file on the B-Drive in the BMS
File Manager, and deleting them instead from the Connectivity Pack. This
worked. It seems that even if the file is on the pcmcia card, it appears on
the B:\ drive directory. If I ejected the card, the files dissappeared.
I am going to keep tinkering to see if it really is necessary to delete
the files using Connectivity Pack. Does anyone know why the files still
appear on B:\ after being moved to E:\?

--- Lars Fuchs