Omnigo 100 VS Pilot

Brian Inwood (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 14:11:18 -0000

After delicate negotiations with my wife I was allowed to buy an OmniGo
100, which I love using. In general I use pen input, and do functions
like names/addresses, appointments, and taking notes. To save money I
bought an HP cable (expensive at about =A330) and use the communication
program and batch file to back up to PC disk (a tedious task).

What I really want, after hands-on experience, is to closely couple my
PC files (eg Lotus organiser) with my handheld data. I would do most of
my work on the PC, and use the handheld for on the move note taking and
data reference. It seems that the connectivity pack will allow me to do
this but I have no sense of its integration with something like
Organiser. Is it transparent, and is 'hot-sync' as good as it sounds?
Recent adverts for Pilot seem to describe what I want, but on a
different machine.

To buy a connectivity pack is about =A379 (and includes a cable which I
already have)
A Pilot 1000 is =A3189. =20

What do I do?=20
>Thank you
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