DOS mode?

Christopher Paradies (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 08:12:10 +0100

I am a new OGO100 owner and I am seeing refernce to a lot of things here
that are unfamiliar...

Like how do you run your ogo in DOS mode?

I have this in one of my help files, saved from someone's posting to the
net. This is one way that works well for me.
You can boot to DOS by Shift-ON-NEXT, which sends you to the Omngo boot
screen,which is really a hidden DOS prompt. Or- write a batch file as I did:

I wrote a geos.bat file:

cd \
omniswp r
cd \geoworks

and "put"* it into the Ogo directory "b:\".
Then, I rewrote the last lines of the Ogo's b:\autoexec.bat file to

cd \
omniswp i
rem cd geoworks
rem geos

*"put" is a command under Omnicom.exe.
Omniswp.exe is a keyboard remap program (etc.) for DOS.

These and many other great programs can be obtained as freeware from
lots of sites. Here are some (not a complete list):

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