Connectivity Pack problem with Sync of Appt Database?

John Rosander (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 00:03:31 -0500

Hi All,
I am having a problem with the Connectivity Pack and my Appt =
Database. FYI: I have the newer=20
Cpack100 program which is 987K and from 2/27/96. I did a hotsync which =
up and I had to kill the Connectivity Pack program. I rebooted and =
tried to get into the Connectivity=20
Pack but wasn't able to get in? I renamed my user directory under the =
sync100 directory so that I=20
could start from the beginning. I did a hotsync again which recreated =
my directory and copied all
the files to the new directory. I then opened my phone and Notes =
database without a problem but=20
when I try to get into the Appt database I get:


An error has occurred in your program. To continue working anywhay =
click ignore.......

and the following error:
CPACK100 caused a general protection fault
in module CPACK100.EXE at 0025:00000037.
EAX=3D000078d8 CS=3D2f7f EIP=3D00000037 EFLGS=3D00000202
EBX=3D000078ec SS=3D0e67 ESP=3D0000cd12 EBP=3D0000cd1a
ECX=3D00000000 DS=3D0e67 ESI=3D00004f1b FS=3D0000
EDX=3D00004e00 ES=3D376f EDI=3D00000008 GS=3D0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
26 8b 57 0d 26 8b 47 0b 81 e2 ff 00 89 56 fc 89=20
Stack dump:
00000009 0e670000 030ccd3d cdc22f7f 00090e67 cd2e4eff 4eff0e67 000104be =
00280001 35e7006a cd610e67 2f7f02c2 0e67cdc2 00000000 4eff0009 000b0000=20

Should I send this to HP or are they going to tell me that this is an =
unsupported program????

Does anyone think that I have too much data for the Connectivity Pack to =
deal with? The Appt DB is 66K.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.