RE: Omnigo AC adapter plug

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Tue, 4 Feb 1997 08:41:31 -0800

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>Subject: Re: Omnigo AC adapter plug
>I think that if HP wanted an AC adapter for the OGO, then they would =
>implemented that idea long ago. I'm sure there was a reason, though it
>may not be money, possibly because of design and electrical =
> Also, when you buy AC adapter sockets in bulk-quantity, they would =
>more like $0.05, of course you would have to order thousands to get =
>that cheap.
>Paul Khoury
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That is not necessarily true. I am a design engineer and I create and
work to schedules. The AC adaptor jack is a very simple part to design
into the circuit. There are few electrical restrictions. It is no
different than a newer walkman with a AC jack. Most likely, the AC jack
was thought of too late in the design phase and to add it would have
cost too much money and time to market (the plastic case, screen,
cuircuit boards and IC's all have long lead times). To my knowledge,
the Ogo was designed and implemented in a very short time.

I said $3.95 because that's what the part cost me. Obviously the part
would be cheaper in bulk. If you add up the total worth of the parts in
the Omnigo, it is much cheaper than the manufacturer's cost (including
HP's profit and retail markup). You must include the design, shipping,
documentation, and overhead whenever you add parts. =20

With my experience with the design of parts and customer desires, HP
didn't define its product well enough before bringing it to market.
Hopefully they'll learn from that experience.

Jeff M. Hinman