Unbranded/Generic SRAM CARD Problem

Matt Demy-Geroe (matthewd@gil.com.au)
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 18:21:46 +1000

Hi My name is Matt Demy-Geroe and I am new to this Mailing List. I
bought my OGO while on holidays in the UK, here in australia they are
over $600!

Anyhow, i have an SRAM card which worked fine till it went throught the
x-ray machine at Frankfurt Airport. All the data must of been corrupted
and when i inserted it the ogo said (Not Compatible or Write Protected)
or something like that. My friend said he would try and fix it as he had
a pcmcia slot in his PC. But unfortuneatly he formated it to dos format.
Is there any way I can Reformat it to work on the Ogo again? Like with a
software program for PC( not geos, DOS) which can reformat it.

Thanks, Matt.