Re: New connectivity pack

Warren H. Minix (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 12:53:48 -0500

Just for clarification, the "new" connectivity pack F1306a is not
mentioned on HP's handheld site at all. The connectivity pack which
appears there is the original one.
There is no upgrade path from the original conn. pack to the newer.
I do not believe that the F1306a conn. pack comes with the OmniGO
side of Clip n' Go; so OG100 users would still need the separate
package (the OG120 has it loaded in firmware).

> >Thanks for your post to the mailing list, the connectivity pack sounds
> >like a must-have. I was checking out HP's site, and they have the
> >connectivity pack, clip'n'go & the games all listed separately, but your
> >post sounds like the new connectivity pack includes them all. Is this
> >so, or did you purchase them all separtely??
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