RE: Omnigo interior?

Hinman, Jeffrey M (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 06:32:02 -0800

I have opened the Ogo, and here is my experience:

- The Ogo is divided into two main boards - the display circuitry
located on the folding display, and the main memory and processor mother
board in the keyboard side of the Ogo.

- Do not try to access any of the IC's on the display - you have to
destroy the screen sensitive pad to get to that part of the circuit.

- Remove the rubber pads on the bottom of the Ogo. They cover 4 torque
(?) screws. Remove these screws and then carefully pry the bottom off.
It is held by snap tabs. Be careful not to shove anything past the seam
as you are removing the cover.

- The Ogo cannot operate with the cover removed. It breaks grounding
connections. Once the screws are put back in place, this connection
will be re-established.

- This exposes the main "mother" board and card slot. Be careful to
memorize how the card ejection mechanism is placed. It may "pop" out of
position once the cover is totally removed. Also keep in mind that the
speaker is wired to the cover and the wires connect to the main board.
This requires the cover to be kept close to keep the wires from being
disconnected. I would not suggest touching any of the wires or
circuitry unless you are grounded.

- I have cut the main power supply lines to see if the backup battery
has it's own circuit, which it does. When I spliced the lines back
together again, there was no memory loss.

- I have studied the possibility of placing a small AC/DC power jack in
the unit. I even purchased one from Sony that I saw in my walkman that
would work perfect. I found only one spot that might accommodate this
plug. It would be on the lower left of the keyboard, just past the tip
of the stylus when it is stored. This is still a very tight fit. I
have the ability to attempt this modification, but unfortunately have
run low on time and priority to do it.

If anyone has any questions and input/comments, I'd like to hear them.
Please keep in mind that if you open the cover, you void your warranty.
I would also suggest being very careful and delicate with opening the
unit and handling the main board.

Jeff Hinman

>Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 1997 11:43 PM
>Subject: Omnigo interior?
>Hi all,
>does anyone know how to open the OG without braking it? Has anyone had a
>closer look inside? I saw in the faq a posting on the internal setup, but
>I'm interesting in the following:
> is there enough space to add a socket for a power adapter plug?
>I don't want to remove the batteries all the time and replace them by a
>self build power adapter that connects to the batterie connectors. I'd
>rather like to leave the batteries in an just plug the power adapter in.