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New OmniGo File Manager? It Can Transfer Files and Print???

I was recently asked to review Breadbox Computer's new OmniGo Remote
Controller (ORC), V 1.0. ORC is a DOS Shell application that is used to
manage and control the data for and on your OmniGo.

This Tool is indispensable to any OmniGo owner. Yes there is the Windows
based OmniGo Connect, with desktop based applications, but it doesn't have
the fluid abilities this power app has [or it's one floppy any computer
portability]. The graphical based interface seems very familiar to an OmniGo
owner, as the application looks very much like Transfer on the OmniGo(or
LapLink for DOS if you can remember that far back). The entire interface is
supported by your mouse, so your hands never need to leave their normal GUI
position. But, instead of Transfer's 'Memory' and 'Card' windows, it is split
into a tree-view of your desktop on the left and your OmniGo on the right.

The instructions that come with ORC are very good. They explain each option
and configuration variable setting within the software. Once in transfer
mode, the information/input bar gives you the status of your connection. If
it says OK, you are presented a view of the default directories of your
desktop and your OmniGo. If it doesn't say OK, and your settings are correct,
you only need to tap once on the control box action key. This evokes the
software to connect with your OmniGo. This key also acts as your enter key
for the double-click challenged (which by the way, the double click rate is
adjustable within the shell). Double clicking on the double-dot directory
does exactly what it is supposed to (backing you up one directory). The whole
interface is very intuitive, if you might question your intention, when you
single-click the action button changes to what would be the expected action.
Click on a file in the PC window, and it's action button updates to 'copy
file to OmniGo'. Do the same on the OmniGo window, and it assumes you want to
copy it to your PC. You also have individual buttons for Delete, Change
Drive, and Make DIR (directory). On either side of the dynamic action button
are two arrows. These allow you to page up (left) and page down (right)
through the window on the PC or OmniGo. You have the added benefit of the PC
keyboard's up and down arrow keys for scrolling through the desktop's files.
All functions are duplicates of the available mouse actions, very user

An integrated bonus to ORC, it can give you something you have needed all
along, but never wanted to spend the added $90 for, Print Capability!
Accessing ORC's configuration panel, which allows you to set the COM port,
IRQ, and comm speed, also provides you the ability to set your printer access
port (LPT), and turn this port access on. This in turn terminates the
connection with the OmniGo (if you have one active) and accepts all data
coming across the OmniGo's serial port sending it to the LPT port. It keeps
track of all data, and can even buffer up to 30K of your data, which helps
speed up the printing process (all of which eats up battery life). Very Nice.

So, for full files management with OmniGo ORC is one great tool for your
portable tool chest. It fits on one floppy (any size) with only 225K in data
files. I have tested ORC using MS-DOS 5.0, 6.22, and 7.0, but can't get it to
connect within a windowed DOS session under '95[because it needs to directly
control the serial port]. It rates up there with GEOS' GeoManager, only you
can't drag&drop. It's ability to point and shoot works very well indeed. The
ability to support printing to your desktop printer is invaluable as well. Be
sure to use the exit button in ORC, canceling the connection from the OmniGo
could cause lock-ups on the OmniGo, (I encountered a couple) but exiting from
ORC worked flawlessly. If you own an OmniGo, contact BreadBox Computer and
for $20 pick up a copy.